Five Breaths, Five Scenes: At the Dam

Five Breaths, Five Scenes: At the Dam
by Jonathan Foust

The Buddha repeatedly said, “Do not believe a word of what I am telling you. You need to investigate through your direct experience and determine if it is true for you.”

Verified faith only comes with intentional investigation and a healthy dose of doubt. For example, consider the ‘Three Characteristics of Reality’ as outlined in Buddhist philosophy:

Anything born of causes and conditions is subject to change?
Anything you try to control will lead to stress, dissatisfaction and suffering?
There is a relative self and an absolute self?

We can take these three characteristics of reality with blind faith, but true transformation arises when you verify them for yourself.

Follow this link if you’d like to listen to a talk I gave recently called “Three Kinds of Faith.

Click the pic to listen to the talk.

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